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Sheet Metal For Jewelry Where To Buy

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Get creative with our SheetMetal! Perfect for creating your own unique Jewelry, these inexpensive Metal Sheets and Blanks offer a variety of color choices. Our Metal Sheets & Blanks are ideal for crafting your own metal jewelry. Sheets are available in large sizes, to cut down and shape into bracelets and bangles. Metal Blanks are available in pre-cut sizes like circles, squares and hearts, ideal for riveting onto leather strap or used as a backing for a cabochon or pendant. Shop our Metal Working Tools for hammers and solder to start creating metal jewelry.

Craft your own beautiful metal jewelry starting with blank metal sheets. Metal Blanks can be purchased in large rectangular or square sheets in a variety of gauges and materials. Or you can create smaller embellishments with heart, oval, round or square metal blanks. These smaller blanks work great for use as tags or gluing into frames. Shop our Metal Working Tools for hammers and solder to start creating metal jewelry.

Wrap yourself in creativity with jewelry making wire and craft wire - fundamental supplies for DIY jewelry. Whether you want to make your own components, lash beads, wrap briolettes, create Viking knit, crochet wire, or weave complex designs, you'll find the right gauges and shapes here. Choices include round, half-round, square, bezel and twisted (aka fancy) wire, plus metal tubing, and plain and patterned sheet. Most of our wire, sheet metal, and metal tubing comes with wholesale prices when you buy in bulk. Find base metal, sterling silver, gold-fill and silver-fill options.

When it comes to ordering metal for jewelry making all the different options can often become overwhelming. So I partnered with Rio Grande to provide a guide with some helpful tips and considerations for confidently buying materials for your next project!

Stamp, drill, pierce, engrave, etch, enamel, or attach settings, stones, or decorative pieces. There is a ton of possibilities for creation with our metal blanks. Use these shapes to make pendants, charms and other jewelry components! The majority of our blanks come in packs of multiples, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase. Blank options include brass, copper, gold plate, gunmetal and silver.

Our jewelry sheet metal includes Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Copper, Bronze, Nickel Silver and Red Brass in several sizes and gauges. Sheet metals are perfect to make and form your own jewelry designs. Cut to any size you wish and add textures, colors, patinas and other embellishments. Combine sheet metals with other popular mediums like metal clay, patterned wire, findings and more.

Enrich your jewelry designs with one or more of our many textured metals. By embossing finely detailed patterns into metal, artists create depth and dimension which enhances both the metal and your jewelry designs. Cool Tools offers textured metals in fine silver, sterling silver and argentium. In base metals, we offer textures in copper, bronze and brass. Gauges for both silver and base metals range from 18 to 24.

Here at Supply Diva we have many patterns for textured sheet metal, also known as embossed sheet metal. We offer our sheet metal in Copper, Brass, Bronze, and Nickel Silver. Sizes available, 24g, 22g, 20g, and 18g. Each one is unique and many we have designed and made ourselves. These sheets of metal are perfect for making jewelry, you can cut or hand saw blanks to your liking!

Remember there are other factors to consider such as adding texture to your metal. If you are adding a hammered texture or putting your piece through a rolling mill with a texture sheet, your metal will become thinner. So start with a thicker gauge than what you want your finished product to be.

2017 is the year of the local themed designs and big jewelry. Make your own designs stand out by using brass sheet metal on its own or combined with other materials. The result? Accessories that speak of local culture and with a healthy dose of casua


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