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WindPRO 2.8: The most comprehensive and efficient software for wind farm design

WindPRO 2.8: The most comprehensive and efficient software for wind farm design

WindPRO 2.8 is the latest version of the software developed by EMD, a leading company in wind energy consultancy services. WindPRO 2.8 is recognized as the most efficient and proven tool for planning and designing wind farms. It is used by top wind turbine manufacturers, developers, engineering firms, electricity companies and public institutions worldwide.

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WindPRO 2.8 software is composed by different modules, each one designed to perform a specific task so the user can customize the software according to their needs. Some of the modules available are: SITE COMPLIANCE, ENERGY ASSESSMENT, LOAD RESPONSE, PARK OPTIMIZATION, SHADOWS, NOISE and more.

WindPRO 2.8 incorporates the latest validated innovations of the wind energy sector, such as wind turbine power curves, in-built mesoscale data acquisition, WAsP 10.2 calculation engine and more. WindPRO 2.8 is also competitive, because it is proven every day by the main wind energy actors and it offers a high-quality technical support provided by wind energy experts.

WindPRO 2.8 is usable, works under Windows environment and it is available in several languages. WindPRO 2.8 is always under development, with new features and improvements added regularly. WindPRO 2.8 also offers periodic training courses (basic and advanced) and in-company training on demand.

If you are interested in buying a WindPRO 2.8 license or getting more information, please contact Normawind, a commercial agency of WindPRO in several markets[^2^]. Normawind will assist you in choosing the modules that fit your need best and provide you with sales and technical support.

WindPRO 2.8 is the most comprehensive and efficient software for wind farm design. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your wind energy projects with WindPRO 2.8!

WindPRO 2.8 is not only a software for wind farm design, but also a platform for wind energy analysis and management. WindPRO 2.8 allows the user to perform various tasks such as site assessment, wind resource estimation, turbine selection, layout optimization, energy production calculation, environmental impact assessment, grid connection analysis and more.

WindPRO 2.8 is also compatible with other software and tools for wind energy, such as WAsP, WindFarmer, WindSim, Windographer and more. WindPRO 2.8 can import and export data from different formats and sources, such as GIS files, met masts, lidars, sodars, satellite images and more. WindPRO 2.8 can also generate reports and graphs in various formats and languages, such as PDF, Excel, Word and more.

WindPRO 2.8 is the ultimate software for wind farm design and analysis. It is trusted by thousands of users around the world who have successfully completed hundreds of wind energy projects with WindPRO 2.8. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in wind energy, WindPRO 2.8 can help you achieve your goals and maximize your profits. 29c81ba772


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